Meet one of our Pulpit Supply Ministers

Antonio D. Blake, originally hailing from Newark, NJ, was raised in the vibrant neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY. His formative years were shaped by the educational opportunities provided by the NYC Public School system. During the transition from middle to high school, Antonio felt a compelling calling to preach the gospel. At a remarkably young age of 17, he was granted a license to fulfill his divine purpose in preaching the gospel.
Over the course of his ministry, Antonio has fearlessly spread the message of God both within his community and abroad. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by young individuals involved in ministry, he passionately advocates for leading a well-rounded life, firmly believing that one can embody Christ's teachings while embracing the joys of youth.
In addition to his ministerial endeavors, Antonio currently serves as a teaching assistant within the NYC Department of Education. Throughout his journey, he has taken on various roles, including being an invaluable associate and assistant to the pastor at his home church The New Journey Church of Brooklyn under the leadership of Dr. Wayne Stokeling. Antonio's dedication has also led him to work as a minister for the youth and young adult’s ministry at Cornerstone Christian Educational Ministries in Canarsie, Brooklyn.
Presently, Antonio holds the position of associate minister at the Friendship Baptist Church of Harlem where the Rev Dr. James Kilgore is the Senior Pastor.  With an unwavering commitment to his own growth and knowledge, he pursued higher education at The College of New Rochelle receiving a B.A in Psychology, culminating in the recent completion of his Masters of Divinity degree from Drew Theological School at Drew University.
Antonio D. Blake's life is a testament to his deep faith, unwavering passion for ministry, and dedication to both personal and spiritual growth. Through his tireless efforts, he endeavors to make a lasting impact on the lives of those he encounters, exemplifying that one can walk in the path of Christ while embracing the richness of life's experiences.